Koi and Goldfish eat a variety of food, but we prefer to feed ours pellet food and spirulina wafers.


These wonderful fish make fantastic pets. Many Koi will reach lengths on the upwards of 2-3 feet and more. Because of the size that Koi grow, a large aquarium of at least 125 gallons is recommended. Preferably Koi should be kept in a pond which allows plenty of room for growth. Goldfish, such as Fantails, do not grow as large as Koi so they will be happy in a smaller aquarium. The recommended size for a Fantail is 5 gallons or larger however some people will find success with smaller sizes.

In order to maintain a clean and safe environment, often partial water changes are recommended.  Weekly water changes of at least 25% is ideal for this wet pet.


Koi and Goldfish