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Home to more than 300 Species of Aquatic Life From Fresh and Salt Water Fish, Corals, Koi, Turtles and More.
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Wednesday thru Saturday  11 - 7

Sunday 11 - 5

closed:  Monday & Tuesday

Randy's has amazing colors and varieties  (Siamese Fighting Fish) for you to choose from.  Bettas are true labyrinth fish. They  have the ability to breath oxygen directly from the air as well as from their gills.

Their diet is high protein.  Freeze dried or live blood worms, freeze dried, frozen or live brine shrimp (Randy's carries a complete line of live, frozen and freeze dried foods).  BETTAS DO NOT EAT PLANT ROOTS! THESE beautiful freshwater fishes prefer to live alone. Randy also  suggests that you provide an aquarium of at least 3 gallons with a filter and a heater as well as plants and caves to explore. Randy carries a great inventory for everything "BETTA"!

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