Saltwater fish can enjoy a variety of foods. Some community fish such as damsels and clownfish will eat flake food. However, some picky fish like the Mandarin Goby will only eat live brine shrimp and copepods. Frozen foods such as Rod's food is packed with all the nutrients and proteins that most saltwater omnivores will benefit from.


Saltwater fish live in waters where salt content is high. This high salt level is required for saltwater animals to live. While the salt level for fish varies depending on locale, a general vicinity specific gravity of 1.023 - 1.027 for most fish is acceptable. Fish from the Red Sea are the exception as they can require levels above 1.032 specific gravity.


Large fish produce more waste than small fish so more frequent water changes are required to maintain optimal water conditioners. Aquariums that are properly stocked will thrive with less often water changes.